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How Video Surveillance Benefits Your Business

Visual tools against crime is easily one of the greatest deterrents to criminal activity as well as one of the best ways to catch criminals after the crime has been committed. Companies the world over have utilized surveillance cameras to prevent, stop, and recover from theft on a regular basis, making them one of the best investments a company can make to reduce shrinkage, maintain costs, and reduce the hassles that are associated with theft and illegal or unwanted activities.

Benefits of Using Security Cameras in Your Company

  • Deterring – Security cameras in businesses are designed to be seen. Cameras are placed in blatantly obvious locations, so that anyone that is thinking of committing a theft knows that they are very likely to be on camera. This will deter many individuals from performing the illegal act that they had been considering in your workplace.
  • Monitoring – Security cameras allow you to have someone watch the store/office at all times, to ensure that illegal or unwanted activities are not being conducted. Live feeds allow you to stop those in the process of committing the crime, before the items or information are lost.
  • Motivation – Cameras placed around the office motivate employees to be on their best behavior, knowing that any move they make may be caught on camera. Employees that try to sneak out early, talk to their neighbors, or play games on their computers are less likely to do so when the chances of them getting caught are high.
  • Reducing Losses – Employee theft is almost exactly as common as non-employee theft in many workplaces. It is estimated that as much as 50% of all store losses are a result of employee theft. There is also the risk of stealing information, as well as other things that may be valuable to your company.
  • Recovery – Security cameras inside your company allow you to easily identify anyone that has stolen items from your property, with visual evidence that helps the police and investigators find the people responsible. It is hard to recover stolen items, but visual evidence of the crime that was committed greatly increases those odds.

Security cameras are most often seen in busy retail stores and companies that have a great deal of security due to maintaining personal information or expensive items. But every store, of any size, can benefit from a surveillance camera. The mere act of setting up the camera reduces crime, and the value of being able to monitor your company as well as stop theft in the process of occurring is extremely high.

Even if you do not have many unknown individuals coming in and out of your office, theft can still occur. In fact, it is often internal theft that ends up causing companies to fail. Security cameras reduce the risk of both internal and external theft, reducing cost to your company. If nothing else, security cameras give you the opportunity to motivate your employees to work harder as well as monitor their actions over the course of the workday.

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