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Is Your Access Control System Accessible?

Triad works with business of all sizes and in all industries. Many small and medium sized businesses will start with a basic fire alarm and/or intrusion alarm. These systems alert people inside the building when smoke or heat is detected and warm people to evacuate the building. Intrusion alarms are often armed when the last person leaves the office or building and alert the owner, security manager or other authorized persons of a situation where a person has entered the building after hours without permission or without disarming the intrusion alarm.

The next phase of security usually involves video surveillance and/or a card access system. These are great steps in monitoring the comings and goings of people in the building and deterring or preventing people from entering restricted areas (i.e. management only, employees only, etc.) In the case with access control, security  is maintained by keeping doors locked and allowing only those with appropriate credentials to have an easy method of gaining entry.  

An access control system can be simple or complex, depending on the requirements of that particular business. Systems range from one or two doors with very few users, to hundreds of doors with thousands of users. Systems can be administered by a workstation in one location or via the internet from any location where there is internet access. All systems, however, suffer from the same problem: while card access systems prevent unwanted visitors from gaining entry; those with legitimate needs have no way to request entry. Most of the time that person knocks or rings a doorbell until someone opens the door.

Unfortunately, opening the door for someone knocking or ringing the bell defeats the basic purpose of the card access system. The doors are secured and those who need access already have it. So who wants to get into your office? Someone who has forgotten or lost his credentials? A delivery? Or is it someone with the intent to harm? How can you be sure? Is the receptionist or office manager’s day disrupted frequently to answer open the door for deliveries and guests? How can they keep that responsibility and maintain their productivity? The answer is simple: install a video intercom.  

Video intercoms provide a safe and convenient method of notifying those on the secured side of a door that someone is requesting entry. The built-in camera supplies a clear view, allowing people to see and talk with visitors before opening, unlocking or even disrupting their productivity by having to get up and go to the door. Individuals can be greeted while their identity, intention, and even their frame of mind is determined. After verifying the purpose behind the visit, the touch of a button “buzzes” them in.

Triad account managers can help you to complete your security system with the addition of a video intercom. Triad offers products from only leading manufacturers in the industry and Triad technicians are factory trained.

For 25 years, Triad Security Systems has offered security systems to commercial and industrial clients. Triad Security Systems offers state of the art security solutions for clients in a variety of industries. We can help your business reduce inventory loss and loss due to employee or vendor theft or error. Call us today at 908-964-5252 to have a security expert review your security plan and offer quality technological solutions. Triad offers mechanical and electronic access control, video surveillance with analog or IP video cameras, licensed locksmith services such as key management, commercial lock maintenance and repair, intrusion (burglar) alarm & fire alarm detection and central station alarm monitoring and audio/video intercoms. Triad security experts can help you to deter criminals, prevent loss, detect illegal entry and report on daily activities in secured areas. Triad is a complete security solutions provider. Don’t hesitate to call us today! The investment you make today could not only help you save today but the long run as you protect your facility and assets.