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What to look for in an alarm company...

Why is working with a licensed company is so important in the security industry?

I received a brochure in the mail the other day from the New Jersey Burglar & Fire Alarm Association posing the question, “May We See Your License Please?” As the brochure went on, it discussed that “to perform any type of alarm contracting in the state of New Jersey, including security, fire, locksmithing and/or CCTV; intercom; access control, you MUST have a LICENSE.”

It is comforting to see that this trade organization which Triad has been a member of for years, promotes the importance of using a licensed business to business consumers and end users. Maintaining Triad’s Burglar Alarm, Fire Alarm and Locksmith Business License (AL000006) requires that we comply with education requirements and training in relevant, new technology as well as pass a thorough background check.  The requirements stipulate that all applicants seeking a license:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be of good moral character
  • Not have been convicted of a crime of the first, second or third degree within 10 years prior to the filing of the application for licensure
  • Not have been convicted of the fourth degree offense of engaging in the unlicensed practice of electrical contracting
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalency certificate
  • Have successfully completed the burglar alarm or fire alarm examination, as applicable to the field in which the applicant is seeking a license.

There are fees associated with both obtaining the license and the education courses associated with keeping it. However, it is encouraging to see that there is a standard in the industry and that licensees are required to stay current on issues and technologies affecting their trade as a whole through continuing education credits.

When I look to bring a contractor into my house or look for a mechanic for my car, I wouldn’t dream of walking up to someone on the street and saying, “hey can you build me a deck?” or “can you fix my car? It’s got a weird noise coming from under the hood?” I don’t know how to do these things and quite frankly I wouldn’t know if they guy/gal actually fixed the thing under my car  that was making noise or if he/she just used duct tape to make it stop rattling. I would most certainly rely on national organizations that license and oversee their respective industries. I would make sure that the person or business has the proper license and/or permit with the town to do business.  NJBFAA is one way that a company can verify whether the vendor they want to use is legit and a reputable business.

Triad is also licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs (NJ DCA Fire Permit #P00469). As of July 1, 2003, no contractor can engage in any fire protection installation, repair, maintenance, or testing of fire protection equipment without a business permit issued by a Division of Fire Safety in the Department of Community Affairs.

Triad has other accreditations as well. For example, we have are registered with the Central Contractor Registration (Cage Code 1YGM5) and have a Data Universal Number System (DUNS). We have completed and ORCA Application (Online Representation & Certification Application). Triad offered and completed a very favorable Open Rating Inc. Past Performance Evaluation and Triad also holds a New Jersey Business Registration Certificate. For government related work, Triad is a certified SBE (Small Business Enterprise).

These credentials validate Triad’s reputation as a qualified, long standing service business. I encourage anyone looking to install a new system, service or repair and existing system or upgrade their current system to find a security integration firm who has these standards. Triad is proud to say that its newest sales person has been here nearly 10 years! Many of the employees that started with the company 25 years ago are still here – that really says something about a company these days! Don’t take my blog for it – call us today and talk with one of our account managers about your system and what you’d like to do in terms of securing your business.

Remember, Triad is proudly celebrating 25 years of service to clients in a variety of industries. We design, install and service access control, video surveillance, audio/video intercom and fire and intrusion alarm systems. We have licensed locksmiths on staff.  We don’t have “sales people” we have expert account managers. We provide personal service to everyone who comes into contact with our company – from the moment we answer the phone (yes, a live person answers every call during business hours!). Call us today and see how we don’t monkey around!