Triad Client Referral Program

My name is Rick Sylvestro and I am responsible for business development here at Triad Security Systems. It is my job to help Triad's sales team maximize their selling efforts and expand their network of opportunities. Over the last 25 years, Triad has become incredibly efficient in the ability to provide cutting edge security technology and expert service to clients in New Jersey and New York as well as nationwide. Triad has hundreds of clients who not only vary in size and industry but vary in their requirements for securing facilities, employees and physical assets. Our National Accounts Program is designed to cater to the specific demands that large corporations with multiple locations face in managing dozens of sites across the country. Triad provides personal service and proficiency in constantly evolving security technology.

We are humbled and honored when a client refers a business associate or friend to us for a solution to a security concern. Personally, I am grateful to work for a company that is passionate about providing the best customer service possible. I invite you to share with me the names of those people whom you know or work with regularly that may be currently seeking a security solution or who you believe would benefit from Triad's quality service and professionalism.

I am accessible through email at as well as by phone at (908) 964-5252. I assure you that we will treat the information you provide us with discretion and respect. With your consent, I would be happy to acknowledge that you made a referral in the spring issue of Triad Times, our quarterly company newsletter and on our website.

I expect to hear from you soon and look forward to speaking with you directly!



Rick Sylvestro

General Manager



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