Thinking about changing your telephone service to VOIP? Find a better deal with your cable company for phone service at your home or business?

Read this blog so you have all the facts before you make the switch! Your alarm system may not work as reliably with VOIP as with a plain old telephone line.

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There are certain benefits to IP/Digital Cameras as compared to Analog Cameras. Just check out these pics for starters...


Are you a little more technical? Check out this pdf for a more complete overview of the benefits of IP Cameras.

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Triad has financing options for those who qualify as well as long-term leases and lease-to-buy options! Ask your Regional Account Manager for more information about whether you qualify for financing, affordable long-term leases and the $1 BUY OUT LEA$ING OPTION!

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When you lease a Triad security system routine maintenance and all service is included? Ease your mind and never worry about having to schedule routine inspections or have to pay Time & Materials for a service call. It's included in your affordable monthly lease payment. We'll call you to schedule your routine inspections & maintenance when it's time.

What are you going to do with the money you $ave?

Did you know Vicon is on the GSA Schedule? Did you also know that Triad Security is an authorizied Vicon Dealer?

If you need to purchase from the GSA Schedule, contact us today about how you can buy your video surveillance system. Triad also has a CCR Cage Code 1YGM5

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Triad Blog -Are locks only for honest people? Are you begging thieves to steal your identity? Is your business really secure? We explore these topics and much more on the Triad Blog and we welcome your comments and feedback. What do you want to learn more about? what security issues are you facing that you want to get a new perspective on? Check it out today!





Case Studies

    * Hospitality Industry - Case Study: Inventory Reduction
    * School District - Case Study: Remote Administration
    * High End Residential - Case Study: Intrusion Detection
    * Technical School - Case Study: Custom Programming
    * The Today Show on NBC (9/4/08) discusses the ongoing problem of organized retail theft. If you are a retail enterprise, you need to WATCH THIS. Triad is skilled in adequately securing retail stores to protect inventory and employees.

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Triad is a certified Honeywell dealer!




Triad installs, services & maintains Avilgilon systems



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